MORE THAN ALL THE WORLD is an epic, historical tale inspired by Christopher Marlowe's 1593 play, EDWARD II. With book, music and lyrics by Erik Ransom ("GRINDR The Opera", "Coming: A Rock Musical of Biblical Proportions" and "Happy Yummy Chicken: The Motion Picture"), the piece has a well-researched book with a period-infused pop/rock score and a fast-paced, stylized libretto. MORE THAN ALL THE WORLD relates the true story of England's controversial King Edward II, whose reign was so riddled with scandal and unrest, that it led to an all-out Civil War with one faction led by the monarch, and the other by his scorned wife, Isabella, The She-Wolf of France. MORE THAN ALL THE WORLD, with its medieval origins, political intrigue, little-known history and epic scope, is tailor-made for fans of everything from Shakespeare to HAMILTON to GAME OF THRONES all whilst replete with strikingly current themes of classism, sexism, prejudice and otherness.